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Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker Is A Native  Houstonian. Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker Believes For Standing Up For What Is Right Whether It Be The Importance Of Customer Service Or Your Own Unique Abilities Or Something In Between. Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker is an advocate to anyone who needs him. Adam Farris believes that  You Can Do Whatever You Put Your Mind To You Just Have To Believe In Yourself And Reach Your Maximum Potential and shoot for the stars. Adam has a form of Autism and Tourette syndrome, That has not stopped him from over coming the impossible. Adam works at Walmart and has been there for three plus years, He is also the Founder and President of Younique Abilities.  Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker is available for your next speaking engagement

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“Hi My name is Adam Farris, I am 30 years old, and I don’t think of myself as disabled because I have been able to accomplish so much. Maybe none of us are really “disabled,” maybe we are all just different people with unique abilities. The world needs to understand that all of us are alike

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Adam Farris

Inspirational Speaker, Advocate and Entrepreneur