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Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker Celebrating Our Unique Abilities

The Importance of Customer Service By Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker

Customer service is the key to owning, operating and maintaining a business . If you don't have good customer service, you won't have jobs and you won't have businesses to give you jobs. Think about it. If everyone took 15 seconds or 30 seconds to talk to a customer and say “Hi how are you today?” “How is your day going?” “I hope you having a great day” and “Enjoy the rest of your week”, think about how that would make them feel! I know it would make me feel really great.

The Importance of Customer Service

By Adam Farris Inspirational Speaker

I am a Cashier at a Walmart in Houston, Texas. If you come into my line at the register you might notice something unique or different about my register. I'm actually having a conversation with the customers! It seems that you don't get that a lot these days. People go into a store, find what they want, pay and leave. Nobody talks to each other. No wonder customers do more shopping online than they do in a store, it’s easier and why should we bother if the store employees don’t care?

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Adam's Unique Abilities

Hello, my name is Adam. I was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome in 1994 at the age of six. Later, in July of 2012, I was diagnosed with a form of autism called pervasive developmental disorder. As a child, I didn’t understand Tourette’s syndrome and would ask myself, “What it that?” My conditions were confusing and frustrating, but they were also illuminating and life-shaping. I share my story in the hopes that people with so-called disabilities will read it and realize that they, too, can achieve great things.

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